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Mikrosam at JEC WORLD 2023

At this JEC WORLD 2023, Mikrosam will present its latest highly-advanced, engineered-to-order automated solutions for composite parts. In addition to its extensive experience, Mikrosam is…

CAMX 2023: Modular, upgradeable, automated composites manufacturing equipment

CAMX 2023: Mikrosam features its modular, automated line solutions for towpreg production, filament winding, AFP, and ATL to meet cost, flexibility, and volume demands. Mikrosam…

Mikrosam at AZL’s Workgroup meeting of “Composites in Pipes and Vessels”

Mikrosam is on the way to connecting science, engineering, and production. We presented at the AZL's 15th Workgroup “Composites in Pipes and Vessels“ on November…