MDW 100/2

Mikrosam’s  lab scale drum prepreg making equipment utilizes the concept of impregnating carbon fiber tape between the two resin films. The carbon fibers are placed on the main drum with precise 90 degree winding. The consolidation of the prepreg tape is performed by controlled heating/cooling processes and simultaneously applying pressure through the pressure roller. This equipment is excellent solution for the laboratories and research institutes that are developing and testing new prepreg types.

MDW 100/2 MDW 100/2


  • Drum winding machine with floor based steel construction
  • Winding capability: radial winding of carbon fiber on the Main Drum
  • Two axis configuration
  • Pressure Drum Unit
  • Thermal Oil Heating Installation
  • Control Unit
  • Integrated Safety Functions

Technical Data

  • Two axis configuration:         

Main Drum rotation – Axis A
Longitudinal movement axis – Axis B

Main Drum Rotation – Axis A

  • Drum Diameter:                                 1,000 mm*    
  • Drum length:                           1,050 mm*    
  • Speed Range:                         0 - 6 RPM   
  • Speed range adjustment accuracy:    0.1 RPM*     

Pressure Roller

  • Pressure Roller Diameter:                  120 mm*   

Pressure Roller Force Range:    600-3,000 N

Heating Installation

  • The system provides heating to the Main and Pressure Roller.
  • Heating Media:   Thermal Oil  
  • Maximum heating temperature: 160 oC
  • Set point temperature accuracy:        +/- 1oC
  • Heating Up time:              45min -60min (depending of the temperature set up point)

Thermal regulation Unit:  Stand alone unit with 24 kW (12+12) electrical heating power
Pump capacity 100 lit/min
PID Control Unit

Tension system

  • Mechanical tension system as standard
  • Electronic tension system*

Longitudinal Movement Axis – Axis B

  • Nominal winding length capacity:      1,000 mm
  • Horizontal stroke:                                1,040 mm
  • Speed range-Winding mode:      Connected to the Main Drum Rotation and speed set point adjustment.
  • Speed range-Manual mode:               0-200 mm/min

*On Customer request   


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