Li 1000 is complex, large machine capable to obtain prepreg which comprises a separate, independent units that perform different functions. This type of vertical machine for imregnation is used for producing unidirectional prepreg strip with a variable of 7mm, 22mm and 50mm.
The design of the working units and their interconnection allows fully answering on the requirements of the technological process of impregnation and drying of the tape, strictly controling the viscosity of the resin, the strength of the belt tension, the temperature and duration of the drying process, the amount of gas and other parameters.
Li 1000 has advanced automatic control system based on the use of a number of special sensors, indicators, servo motors, programmable logic controller PLC and other elements that ensure constant and precise monitoring and control of all the main parameters of the process input and output.
  • Special heating system including  Radiant Infra Red Heating
  • Wide range of reinforcing materials – carbon, fiberglass, organic fiber.
  • Most advanced resin metering system
  • Variety of resin use  – from solvent to non-solvent
  • Measuring system for surface with surface measuring weight for non-impregnated and impregnated material with optional statistical process control
  • Special web guiding system for finest web tensioning
  • Advanced control system giving customer high process control    
Technical Data
  • Width of tape: 7-50mm
  • Process speed range: 0-20m/min
  • Preheated air temperature: 40 - 150°C
  • Radiant heating t°C: 40 - 150°C
  • Web speed: 0 – up to 20 m/min
  • Compressed air: 6 bar
 Fiber Creel  is consisted of 1020 places for spools with external (outer) unwinding. Spool dimensions are: 
  • Internal diameter: 20mm and 45mm
  • Length: 295mm l Weight: 300g –320g
Fiber Organizer, the fibers go through the adjustable collator and fiber organizer with slots for the fibers to collate them as per the required width of the prepreg tape.

Fiber spreading are managed  by fiber spreading provides uniform impregnation of fibers and qualitative resin coating which does not allow the formation of cavities during the manufacturing process of the composite material.
Maximum width of unidirectional fiber tape is 50mm. Minimum width of unidirectional fiber tape is 7mm.

Pull-In Unit  is driven by servo-controlled AC motor. The controlling of the tension is obtained in this system through load cell using feedback system. Minimum resin volume in the tank is approx. 1 lit. Maximum resin volume in the tank is approx. 6 lit.

Impregnating bath Heating Temperature Regulating Unit  is integrated with the purpose to keep possibility of maintaining constant temperature of the resin in the impregnating bath that is required.

Metering Unit  is equipped with two steel ground and hard chromium plated and fine polished rolls with control certification.

Double Channel Vertical Curing Unit The Vertical Curing Unit consists of two vertical drying channels. Each channel is independent drying zone that is equipped with radiant panel system for far-infrared radiant heating. The radiant drying zones are the following:
Channel 1            Drying Zone 1    Radiant panel Temp.         40-150 oC                              
                               Length: cca. 5m
Channel 2            Drying Zone 2    Radiant panel Temp.         40-150 oC                               
                               Length: cca. 5m   

Deviation Zone  is equipped with two water-cooled rolls that reverse the tape without adhesion. Additional fresh-air nozzle system supports intensive tape cooling of this part.

Cooling Unit is driven by AC servomotor which transports the tape under the precision load-cells control system.

Prepreg Tape Rewind Station, Double shaft Rewind Station is used for tape prepreg rewind. Rolls with tape are supported on 48mm diameter.
Release film unwinding unit  is used for unwinding the released film which prevents adhesion of prepreg lays. Film roll dimensions:
  • The width:                                 7 - 55mm.
  • The maximum diameter:       600mm.
  • The maximum weight:            40kg.
Platforms with Stairs, This part of the machine permits easy access of the machine with the use of platforms and stairs.

Electric & Control System where all electrical elements, switches, controllers, instruments, etc. are wired on terminals in accordance with the safety regulations.  

QCS - Quality Control System it has 3 channel recorder with information output on display and recording of information on the built-in electronic media.

Closed type water cooling system is designed as a closed loop based on an industrial cooler (chiller), and includes all the piping and assembly lines in the area of deviation and the beginning of cooling.

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