MAW 20 LS4/1

MAW 20 LS4/1 is model of laboratory filament winding machine with up to four axis of control, used in many research and development departments in automotive, aviation, chemical and marine industries. On customer request machine can be equipped with special system for dry prepreg winding.

MAW 20 LS4/1


  • Advanced Design
  • AC Servo Drive System
  • CNC Computer Control System
  • PC Based Winding CommanderTM Module Integration
  • Winding ExpertTM - Integration
  • AUTO, JOG and SPINDLE Modes of Operation
  • Standard G-code international CNC machine language included
  • 0-90° Winding Angle Capability
  • Unlimited Pattern Length
  • Unlimited Program Length
  • All Axes Interpolation Capability
  • Smooth Movement Function
  • Production Data Management System
  • Safety Integrations in All Modes of Operation
  • Power Failure / E-Stop Recovery System Integration

MAW 20 LS4/1 MAW 20 LS4/1

Technical Data 
Mandrel Axis    
Number of spindles                             1  
Maximum mandrel diameter             300-500 mm *
Maximum mandrel weight capacity   100-150 kg *
Speed Range                                           120 RPM *   

Cross-feed axis  
Cross-feed stroke                                  150-250 mm *
Cross-feed speed range                        0-35 m/min   

Carriage axis    
Maximum carriage stroke                     1200-1500 mm *
Carriage speed range                         0-60 m/min

Eye Rotation Axis                               
Eye rotation stroke                             360°  
Eye rotation speed range                   0-60 RPM   

*-Per Customer Request


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