MLW 3/1

MLW 3 is a laboratory Filament Winding machine that is used for winding, research and development of pipes and tanks.
On this machine can be winded products with the carbon, glass and basalt fibers.


General data:     

Number of spindles                             1
Number of axis                                     3
Maximum working diameter              300 mm *
Maximum working length                   1300 mm*
Maximum clamping length                 1400 mm*
Maximum  weight capacity                 80 kg *

Axis data:

Speed Range:                                      120 RPM *
Carriage axis:                                       0 - 35 m/min*
(maximum travel 1350 mm)
Cross - Feed axis:                                0 - 20 m/min*
(maximum travel 150 mm)

*-Per Customer Request

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