Mikrosam latest impregnation lines excel most advanced impregnation technology, outperforming best quality prepreg delivered on market. This newly developed state-of-art equipment, announces full series of high-performing Li3000 machines that have already challenged mechanical engineering knowledge, experience in composites and machine feature expectations in the field of composites.

Li3000 machines find their application in aviation, space, helicopter production, railway, electrical and many other industries, in operations requiring utmost accountability, where no quality compromise is tolerated. Bearing this responsibility, Mikrosam continuously progresses its end technology expertise trough laboratory research, testing and prototyping.



  • Special heating system including  far infrared and convectional heating
  • Wide range of reinforcing materials – from aramid paper to glass/carbon cloth
  • Most advanced resin metering system
  • Variety of resin use  – from solvent to non-solvent
  • 3-component automated resin mixing system
  • Measuring system for surface with surface measuring weight for non-impregnated and impregnated material with optional statistical process control
  • Special web guiding system for finest web tensioning
  • Advanced control system giving customer high process control    

Technical Data

  • Web width: up to 2,000 mm
  • Web weight (max): up to 1,000 g/m2
  • Radiant heating t°C: 40 - 150°C
  • Hot air flow t°C (radiation system): 80 - 250°C
  • Web speed: 0 – up to 20 m/min


  • Unwind station equipped with double-shaft turret type un-winder. Web tension control and regulation are obtained with brake system and diameter compensation. To keep constant fabric tension during impregnation and transport, this station is equipped with angle position adjustment, edge alignment and pull-in units.
  • Accumulator with bonding unit
    • Bonding Unit is used for thermal bonding of cloths during fabric rolls replacement, equipped with pneumatic break that holds web ends during bonding.
    • Accumulator Unit accumulates extra web during bonding operation without stopping the web running.  
  • Pull-In Unit is used for web tension control. It is driven by AC servomotor and controlled by load-cell feedback system.
  • Static Electricity Release Unit used for cloth electricity release before impregnation.
  • Pre-heating Unit used for web heating before impregnation.
  • Unit for on-line measurement of dry cloth
  • Impregnation Unit. For better impregnation there are several web guiding passages, allowing dwelling time adaptation to the required technology. Bath also has temperature regulating unit allowing it to maintain constant resin temperature.

  • Bath Heating Temperature Regulating Unit used to maintain constant resin temperature in the impregnating bath, equipped with water temperature regulating device.
  • Metering Unit equipped with two steel grounded and hard chromium plated rolls with micrometer accuracy and automatic gap adjustment. This unit is driven by AC servomotor, assuring high-control of resin pick-up.
  • Vertical Curing Oven comprising two radiant drying channels and one middle drying zone: (optional: more)
    • Radiation Panel System for far-infrared radiant heating with two independent drying zones (optional: more) and possibility to set different temperature conditions. Each zone has separate thermal oil regulating unit enabling fast change of thermal process conditions. In addition, zones have independent air flow system regulating the inlet air temperature to be equal to the process air temperature. This system also has possibility for continuous adjustment of the safety related to evaporated solvents inside the chamber.
    • Deviation Zone is equipped with AC driven water-cooled transport rolls that reverse web without adhesion.
  • Thermal Regulating Unit connected to machine’s thermal oil installation, enabling fast change of the thermal process conditions and advanced remote control with feedback from the process temperature.
  • Cooling/Pull-out Unit driven by AC servo motor pulling the web under precision load-cells control system, with ability to easily adjust web tension. Water-cooled roll is part of this unit.  
  • Second unit for on-line surface measurement of weight of the final prepreg.
  • Second Accumulator Unit accumulates extra web during turret rewinding operation, changing the spools without stopping the web running.
  • Edge Aligning System. Servo edge guiding system enabling fine guiding when web high-speed is required.
  • Rewind Station. AC regulated drive controlled by servo inverter provides control of the winding speed and tension. Motor driven knife cutting for easy and fast prepreg cutting to aid continuous operation of final product rewinding.
  • Cooling System is designed as closed loop, and consists of water chiller unit and piping/fitting lines.
  • Resin Mixing and Dosing Station used for resin preparation and refilling in machine resin bath. In addition, adjustment and control for proper resin viscosity is performed.
  • Air-conditioned Enclosed Room for Final Prepreg Units maintaining appropriate inside area temperature.
  • Electric and Control System. All electrical elements are wired on terminals according to safety regulations and all electrical cabinets are air purged. Control system is built around PLC and connected to Operator’s Panel, having specially designed application for easy access and configuration of the entire impregnation process.
  • Quality Control & SCADA PC Application. Specially designed software application with integrated HMI interface giving the complete solution. All parameters are recorded on a PC, and data back-up for prepreg data tracing is included in the system.




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