ACMS 2014

 Starting 4th until 6th of November, Mikrosam united world known experts in the automotive and aerospace industries from Russia, USA, Hungary, Italy and Germany to discuss trends and new developments in composites manufacturing automation. Following the one in 2012, this is a second ACMS seminar that has united over 50 professors, scientists and other professionals from the industry for composite materials who participated in this three-day event.
ACMS 2014 combined theoretical part where experts from the industry gave presentation on specific topics and had panel discussions regarding the market expectations, innovations and potential development, and practical part which integrated multiple workshop sessions where demonstration of filament winding (FW) of a type IV CNG tank, elbow, rings and winding of non-axis symmetrical shape, calibrated prepreg slitting, and automated fiber placement (AFP) of a double curvature mandrel were performed.
During the seminar, exclusive workshop session was dedicated to the new automated tape laying (ATL) patent pending head developed by Mikrosam and the newest version of the MikroPlace offline software for programming, design and simulation.


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