Li3000-2000 in the new impregnation line produced and delivered by Mikrosam to one of the leading composite materials parts manufacturers!

This new equipment is 13m high with a machine design and optimized technology that enable typical production process problems, which are consequence of the uneven impregnation, infringement and other mechanical damages of the fabric, to be avoided.

This Li3000-2000 impregnation line is adapted to impregnate glass, carbon, basalt and cotton fabric with width of up to 2000mm and a maximum weight of 600gr/m2. The final fabric prepreg has an ideal reinforcement to resin weight ratio of 3:1 with a possibility to be manipulated if the gap of the rollers is changed. In addition, it has low adhesiveness, optimal humidity, required resin quantity, and very little vapor components, making it ideal for further processing and composite parts manufacturing.

As all other Li3000 impregnation lines, this equipment saves time, reserves quality, and minimizes errors in composite structure, increasing manufacturers’ and end users’ productivity and satisfaction.


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