Mikrosam has concluded a contract with a world known parts’ manufacturer in the aerospace industry, to jointly develop an equipment and software for production of large sized parts with complex geometric shapes by applying additive manufacturing technology - 3D printing with laser sintering.

Additive manufacturing has announced new production lines as part of Mikrosam’s products portfolio few years ago, when the company made its initial investment in research and development to advance industrial application of this technology which although older than two decades, it is still in an infant stage of exploitation.

The solutions the company would offer on the market would be suitable for metal and composite multi material structures’ manufacturing in a factory full automation mode. Through this solutions custom unitized structures could be design tested, modified and yet produced in a period four to five times shorter than the one needed to produce the same parts via traditional manufacturing technologies. Aside from the time savings, conventional supply chain would be consolidated, further enhancing independent on-demand production. In addition to the time and auxiliary costs savings, the solutions Mikrosam offers would enable complete material utilization and scrap recycling, thus resulting in vast material costs saving arising from subtractive manufacturing.

Mikrosam’s tailor-made equipment and software would be suitable for producing parts without tooling thus saving major manufacturing costs, but also for producing tooling on their own. Any of the final products produced using this technology serves the function it is meant for, rather than the design, since additive manufacturing allows for customized internal features which are not allowed by conventional manufacturing. The ability to implement hollow or other complex structures might add and/or retain certain properties of the part (ex. Structural strength), while reducing part weight.

The ongoing R&D investment and outreaching results continuously open new possibilities in improving the existing solutions on the market. Therefore, Mikrosam decided to put an accent to this technology and gradually advance its industrial application by offering custom made solutions that would answer the challenges of conventional manufacturing.

Mikrosam invites all interested parties for cooperation and collaboration on the field of Additive Manufacturing. We will be pleased to hear about your technical challenges and offer you optimal manufacturing solution:


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