MikroPlace V3.0 offline software update adds new value to AFP/ATL resourcefulness

It is the most sophisticated, machine-independent environment which pushes engineering knowledge further to meet what is perceived only as automated fiber placement and tape laying processes’ imagination.

- Autonomous software:
o ability to be operated off-line and without additional and costly CAD license
o works for many types of machines, independent of producer of machine
o ability to create programs for multiple work cells that will coordinate final work –multi robot layup system

- Cover-all solution:
o tools to design your own or import and read external surface models and ply geometries
o functionality to generate separate program paths in G-code and link them to form lay-up sequences
o simulation of the entire lay-up process
o reports for results tracking, analysis and control of the production

- Custom-made feature portfolio:
o additional features are created and added upon customer’s specific requirements
o adaptability to existing equipment at customer’s site

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