Mikrosam Academy's Awards on Makinova 2016

Mikrosam Academy of Talents operates as part of Mikrosam AD Prilep, where training courses are provided for software developers, mechanical engineering assistantand engineering assistants in electronics, automation and robotics. During summer breaks, Mikrosam Academy organizes a club for talented high school students. All these training courses in the Academy are free of charge and sponsored solely by Mikrosam A.D. Through these training courses, Mikrosam A.D. supports the development of young talented people.

This year, from 18th until 22th October, Skopje Fair hosted the 42nd “TEHNOMA” International Fair where more than 160 exhibitors from Macedonia, Italy, Austria and Germany in the field of metallurgy, electrical engineering, energy, construction, security and protection took part. Parallel to Tehnoma, an International Exhibition of innovations, technical improvements, new products and creativity of youth - MAKINOVA 2016, is traditionally also being held.  

Mikrosam Academy took part in Makinova 2016 with two projects made from Lego blocks: “A robot that can solve a Rubik's Cube” and “A robotic arm which plays Tic Tac Toe with a man”. These two projects were developed by high school students who attended the Talented (High School) Students Club 2016, David Lazaroski i Gjorgјi Dimeski, under the mentorship of the Mikrosam Academy professor, proff. Emil Tavchioski.

Due to the level of innovation, originality, creativity and success of the presented projects, the Academy was awarded with two Gold Plaque Awards.

This is not the first time for Mikrosam Academy to be awarded at such events. It successfully takes part in MAKINOVA for number of years and has won different kinds of awards and medals.

The achieved results are strong acknowledgment about the quality of training courses Mikrosam Academy provides. The idea for this kind of education, which includes the most attractive training courses, is unique and original, especially in this region.

Mikrosam Academy, which aims to foster the intellectual and personal development of talented young people through further education and training, is an integral part of Mikrosam's concept for altering the approach of work, education and thinking, as an imperative for successfully reaching the common goal: Increasing the level of technical-technological growth of the Republic of Macedonia.







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