MIKROSAM won the National CSR award

This year Mikrosam has applied for the national CSR award with the project “Customer satisfaction is the highest recognition for the company's success!” and became the only SME winning a statuette in the category: market relations - customer relations for 2013. The project integrates corporate practices which are part of the work ethics the entire team of employees in Mikrosam builds and improves for more than two decades.

As a company which is export oriented and produces custom-made equipment, customer relation standards and the other CSR practices it implements, are an investment which has yielded high customer loyalty and positioned the company among the leading equipment manufacturers in the industry for composite materials.

Mikrosam is a company that does not offer an equipment adapted only to the customer needs and technical specifications, but rather a solution which takes into account legal, economic, social and environmental challenges that might directly or indirectly affect the production process in the long-term.

With this project, the company demonstrates its commitment to develop complete solution instead of product, to build partner instead of sales relations, and to offer life-time customer support instead of one-time cooperation.

In addition to the formal application for the CSR award, the company submitted:

  • Code of customer relations describing the standards the company has in establishing communication, leading communication during project implementation and after the project is finished, fair marketing and competition policy, potential buyer profile and project analysis, documentation, non-disclosure and dispute resolution practices, and initiatives to encourage buyers to invest in their own CSR;
  • Having delivered and installed equipment in over 35 countries in the world, Mikrosam submitted reference letters provided by buyers from different countries expressing their satisfaction for the treatment the team of employees in Mikrosam provides;
  • Photos from the corporate gallery archive of Mikrosam picturing various stages of communication and cooperation with buyers: commencing communication at fairs and conferences, negotiations and progress meetings, demonstration, equipment operation training and pre-acceptance, and social activities to better acknowledge cultural and national values and mentality in Macedonia and the country the buyer comes from;
  • Review of the monitoring mechanism for the implementation of the Code of customer relations, project results (growth in revenue, number of employees, and company recognition on the global market) and quality standards the company follows in line with national and international legislation.

In 2009, Mikrosam won the first national CSR award for the project "Mikrosam-Academy for talents". The award it got this year is another confirmation of the continuous investment by the company in CSR, which adds to the national interest to promote Macedonia as a country that has developed high working norms and favorable business climate to fairly participate in international trade and to attract domestic and foreign investments.


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