Latest Li3000 series impregnation lines

Mikrosam’s latest Li3000 series impregnation lines outperform most advanced prerpeg making machines known up to their development.It has totally integrated close loop concept of mixing, dosing, impregnating, and online measuring of the resin quantity applied to the web, which provides production of high quality prepreg with controlled resin content ratio. Changing of the spools is solved by the automated changing (full with empty spools) which further optimizes line’s automation. In addition we have built-in combined system which consists of far infrared and convectional heating and allows total control of the guide away process of volatile substances from the impregnated material. Thus, the final prepreg produced and delivered on market, has best quality than prepreg produced on the impregnating machine with convectional heating only.
Li3000 machines are the future of composites’ application in the aviation, space, railway, electrical and many other industries, in operations requiring utmost accountability, where no quality compromise is tolerated. As such, they will be the ultimate replacement of the existing time consuming, often quality defaulted solutions.
This impregnation line is an innovation that saves time, reserves quality, and minimizes errors in composite structure, and so in the final product which increases manufacturers’ and end users’ productivity and satisfaction.

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