Mikrosam today officially celebrated its silver anniversary at the Cultural center Marko Cepenkov in Prilep, Macedonia. One of the key parts of the program was the corporate video the company showed which had inserts of the everyday production and work process in the company, interviews with the founders, management, and senior engineers, who talked about the history, first machines sold, entrance on the global market, challenges of the industry, biggest technical achievements, corporate social responsibility and vision for the future.


During the program Mikrosam’s co-founder Mrs. Liljana Samak, gave golden coins to a number of employees as appreciation of their loyalty and contribution to the success the company celebrates today. The event was attended by all company employees, the mayor of Prilep, embassy and governmental representatives, company associates and buyers from all over the world. Guests were additionally entertained by a performance of the national music Ensemble Macedonia.


Mikrosam was founded in 1990 as a consulting company for design and construction of electronic components and machines. Getting positive feedback from its clients for the creative solutions it offered, it decided to open manufacturing facility in which it will invest all of its knowledge to design, construct and sell proprietary equipment and software for processing composite materials and producing composite parts.

mikrosam-25-pic-7.jpgToday the company has successfully delivered and installed 200 machines, actively operated in 40 countries of the world. With over 60% of its employees having degrees in mechanical, electrical, chemical or software engineering, Mikrosam has a team that offers fully customized, flexible solutions, adapted to customers' specific needs for all core composite technologies: Automated Fiber Placement, Tape Laying, Filament Winding, Prepreg Making, Slitting and Composite Machining.


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