Our powder scattering machine type TMA-600-1 is designed for a single-step process of impregnating of fabrics (glass, carbon, aramid) using thermoplastic powder systems. Supplied equipment ensures obtaining of prepregs based on PPS cohesive and on reinforcing fabric. Cohesive and fabric has to be supplied by the Customer in quantity, sufficient for performance of tests at the equipment design stage.

In course of this process, impregnation is performed from the top side of the fabric. Process line is connecting the phases of powder application, heating, sections of calender, cooling and rewinding of the impregnated material.

semi-product-from-tma-machine.jpg final-product-from-tma-machine.jpg

The main equipment data and characteristics are represented below:

  • Max Cloth Weight:                                  600 g/m2
  • Max Prepreg Width:                               1,200 mm
  • Resin rating in prepreg:                        35%-60%
  • Process speed:                                       0 - 5 m/min 
  • Heating Temperature:                           60-400oC (IR heating) +/- 3oC
  • Calender Rolls Temperature:              80 - 250oC (Thermal Oil heating) +/- 3oC
  • Heating Media:                                       Thermal Oil and IR heating
  • Cooling Media:                                        Water solution

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